Comprehensive Retail Loss Prevention and Security Solutions

Whether you need to reduce inventory losses or improve the efficiency of your store’s security system, Legendary Security Inc.™ in London, ON has you covered. By combining our knowledge of in-store security processes in the retail world and the latest software and technology, we address a wide range of threats to our clients’ business operations.

Our Services

At Legendary Security Inc.™, we help our clients maintain a safer workplace for their employees and a better shopping environment for their customers. We can work closely with you in order to come up with security solutions that fit your specific needs. Our services include:

  • Deployment of Uniformed Security Guards
  • Retail Loss Prevention

Areas of Expertise

We are experts in CCTV and specialized video surveillance, including facial recognition. In case any of your employees are alleged to be violating any company policies, we can also conduct internal investigations.

  • Surveillance Systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Wireless Surveillance Camera Coverage

Safeguard Your Establishment Today

You have more to gain than to lose by choosing us to resolve your store’s security issues. Allow us to show you how we stack up against other service providers. Get in touch with us.

Retail Investigation

Legendary Security Inc.™ provides “plain clothes” investigators to patrol your store. The objective of the retail investigator is to patrol the premises of your store and observe any and all suspicious behavior. The investigator will be responsible for observing and apprehending both internal and external shop theft offenders, as well as conducting fraudulent activity investigations.

Our investigators use the latest in security technology to document their incidents and to keep the client informed of the activity in their store.

Using the SureCommand mobile application, our investigators are able to write up reports, upload supporting documentation and e-mail those reports directly to our customers, as well as the local authorities.

Our investigators all maintain a positive rapport with the local Police Services and Legendary Security Inc. is highly respected in the law enforcement industry.

Uniformed Security

Legendary Security Inc.™ provides uniformed security professionals to patrol both the interior and exterior of your property. We also provide services for events, property management, and malls.

Legendary Security Inc.™ strives daily to break the negative stereotypes in regard to uniformed security guards. Our security professionals are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer service experience to all of our client’s customers.

By providing a positive security presence at your business, we, in turn, deter theft, promote a safe working environment, and build lasting professional relationships with our client’s customers.

LP Consulting

Legendary Security Inc.™ executives commence their audit of your business by examining the various ways your losses are occurring and your areas of high vulnerability & loss. Our detailed LP external evaluation (shoplifting) covers Entrances & Exits, Inventory most vulnerable to theft, particularly boosters and recommendations to enhance your physical security including state of the art video recorders and facial recognition systems (see our Digital Security Inc. tab for preferred client pricing).

Private Investigations

We offer professional private investigative services to the Insurance, corporate, legal, rights holder, transportation sectors, and to the individual. Our team regularly travels throughout North America to carry out their work. The scope of our investigations includes high-tech surveillance, national background checks, corporate and insurance investigations, family law, commercial auto theft, and WSIB investigations.  We count many high-profile companies and individuals as our clients.